Makeovers / Re-Design

Website Redesign, Maintenance and Support :

As websites get older the code used, can sometimes be outdated, a redesign of a website for functional reasons can update all the code to make the site much more accessible. if your website is not accessible and usable to everyone then you need your website redesigned so that it is. You could be missing out on huge amounts of traffic because your website doesn’t allow certain people to view it at all or as easily as they need. Redesigning for performance.

If your website getting the traffic but you as of yet are not receiving many sales for your products or services? If your answer is yes then you will not necessarily need more traffic but better conversion techniques. We can redesign your website so that your products and services will start to sell themselves; we will manipulate your website visually as well as some of website content to increase your conversion rate and sales.

Any website that has been online for over two years should be looking at a change, the tastes of website users have changed a lot even over the last few years, things that looked good then don’t now. We can redesign your website so that it is visually pleasing and modern.

Without consistent and regular upgrade in technology, website becomes nothing more than a static brochure which can not match to your organization’s current expectations & requirement from your website.

We are specializes in converting static web sites to database based web sites Our team of Web developers and creative Designers work closely to upgrade technology used in your website.

Our redesigning expertise includes:

  • Upgrading your website from static to dynamic
  • Giving Your website new look & feel
  • Integrating new internet marketing tools in the website
  • Upgrading the technology used in your website
  • Adding new functionality, contents & easy navigation